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Network Integrations

Network Integrations

IP Technologies services:
The strength and flexibility of your IT environment is a key factor in enabling you to respond to business opportunities, control cost and proactively prepare for change. If your IT can't support this, it puts a low ceiling on your efficiency and potential for growth. DRS, with its network of locally accessible Business Partners offers a complete portfolio of solutions that are designed, priced and readily available for growing organisations. Let DRS help you create an efficient, reliable, flexible, and security-rich IT environment that can support - not constrain - your business goals. At the same time, simplify your IT infrastructure.

IP is changing the way companies communicate and providing innovative and more effective ways of working. Because all business communications are integrated into one single network, it is straightforward to bring telephone calls, video-conferencing, internet browsing and internal network facilities to a desktop.

In turn, users can become more mobile, more productive with greater access to new levels of feature functionality from a diverse range of devices, including phones, PCs, PDAs and mobile phones and can have consistent access to an array of new business communications applications and solutions.

DRS has extensive experience in providing IP solutions which allow organisations to benefit from their investments in information and communications technology. Benefits of an IP networking solution include increased innovation and more capacity, combined with reduced costs and complexity.

IP Surveillance

We've partnered with Optelecom-NKF to offer a comprehensive line of surveillance products, access to technical support and training and competitively priced products.

Optelecom-NKF is a global supplier of complete surveillance solutions for traffic management and security of airports, seaports, casinos, prisons, utilities, public transport, city centers, hospitals and corporate campuses. This includes IP cameras, video servers/codecs, network video recorders, fiber transmission equipment, video management software and video analytics.

In addition to its comprehensive product line, Optelecom-NKF has more than 35 years of experience providing technical advice and support to the security industry, and developing and testing fiber optic transmission and IP surveillance products. As a support organization, Optelecom-NKF provides its customers with design, commissioning and training opportunities.

Routing and switching

  • Resilient, Intelligent scalable and converged network to support voice, video and data applications
  • Reach the right resource the first time
  • Unified messaging ,voice/web conferencing/ collaboration


Technology evolution in the data center is challenging IT managers to effectively budget and develop reliable, high-performance, secure, and scalable network infrastructures.

Server consolidation through virtualization, the growing density of network storage systems, and the bigger and multiple workloads allowed by multicore architectures all drive demand for higher-bandwidth network connections.

Ip Surveillance
Audio and video

Audio & Video

DRS has the expertise to design and install an audio-visual solution that meets the custom requirements at your facility. Share content from PCs, documents, cameras, recorded or live video, video conferencing, web collaboration and more. DRS has certified installer of A/V integration products.

  • Automation Control: Control of all electronic and mechanical components is integrated into a touch screen control pad or personal palm-pilot interface.
  • Conference Room Audio, Voice and Presentation: Provides the most advanced technology in Video Conferencing.
  • Telepresence: By leveraging the power of Telepresence solutions, organizations remove the obstacles of time and distance, make faster and more informed decisions, and achieve higher levels of performance.

Cost Effectiveness
Using standard PC server hardware rather than proprietary equipment reduces management and equipment costs.In many system configurations, the upfront cost for a surveillance system based on network video products is lower. High resolution megapixel cameras can provide greater surveillance coverage with fewer cameras than traditional analog solutions actually lowering the initial installation cost.

Wireless & WiMax

DRS is specializing in the design and integration of fixed wireless networks & Wimax. DRS can provide a complete turnkey solution for your networking needs. Whether you are looking for the flexibility of a wireless Local or Wide Area Network, a wireless back haul link, or the cost savings and quick implementation of a point-to-multi-point wireless network, DRS can provide you with the answers you have been searching for.

Point-to-Multipoint and Point-to-Point

  • Network ownership: Eliminate reoccuring lease line fees
  • Low installation cost: Less than fiber runs
  • High speed data rates: From 3 Mbps to 150 Mbps and beyond
  • Quick installation: Implemented and integrated in a fraction of the time for copper or fiber
  • Redundancy: Total network back-up
  • Flexible and Scalable: For organizations of any size
  • Trenching and site restoration not required

Indoor LANs

  • Quick installation: No need to pull cables through buildings
  • Mobile connectivity: Access to real time information anywhere
  • Flexibility with desktop arrangements/reorganization
  • Excellent for schools and colleges

WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is aBroadband Wireless Access (BWA) technology based on the IEEE 802.16standard that enables the delivery of high-speed personalservices to subscribers. WiMAX uses advanced radio technology With OFDM OFDMA(Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) and smart antennas to deliver multi-play services, i.e. voice, video and data over wireless and mobile networks. Operational in both licensed and license-exempt frequencies, the technology offers flexible and economically viable solutions for different deployment scenarios in urban, suburban and rural environments.

Much of the credit for the acceleration of the WiMAX industry and standards goes to the WiMAX ForumTM, which is dedicated to fostering the development and commercialization of the technology. The Forum, of which Alvarion is a founding member, is comprised of the majority of operators, equipment and component vendors active in the development and sale of products for the WiMAX communications ecosystem.

As a wireless broadband pioneer, Alvarion was one of the founders of the WiMAX industry. Leveraging the company's vast experience and know-how, Alvarion plays a pivotal role in shaping the new wireless broadband experience with a smooth migration towards WiMAX 2 (aka 16m) which will provide significantly increased peak data rates, with the potential for 100 Mbps downstream and 30 Mbps upstream, reduced latency, scalable bandwidth capacity, and backwards compatibility 16e technology.


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